Tenant Advice

Our landlord and tenant department specialise in assisting clients facing eviction or injunction proceedings brought by local authorities, housing associations and private landlords.

The possibility of going to Court against your landlord can seem daunting however at Roe Solicitors, we pride ourselves on providing clear advice and fighting for your rights every step of the way.

No matter what the issue, we have experienced in numerous kinds of landlord and tenant disputes and will do everything we can to resolve a dispute as quickly as possible.

Residential Property 

Disputes with Your landlord

Disputes can arise with landlords for a number of reasons and its important that a tenant is aware of the legal steps involved in bringing a claim to the Residential Tenancy Board ("RTB"). We act for clients in bringing, defending and appealing claims in the RTB. The following are examples of disputes that the RTB will deal with but other disputes may also be dealt with by them:

  1. Refund or retention of deposits
  2. Breaches of tenancy obligations
  3. The charging of rents above market rent
  4. Timing of rent reviews
  5. Failure to follow the correct procedure to terminate a tenancy
  6. Invalid reason for terminating a tenancy
  7. Termination notices
  8. Claims for costs and damages from either the landlord or the tenant arising from failures by either party to comply with their obligation

leasing a property 

We can assist you with your application to register a tenancy with the RTB. We provide advices on the timeline within which to register the tenancy, the fees payable, when its necessary to update the RTB, what to do if the property is no longer let and the consequences of failing to register the tenancy. 

If you are offered a written lease agreement, we can provide you with advices on the meaning of the clauses of the lease or you feel unhappy with some of the terms, we can seek to renegotiate the terms of the lease on your behalf with the landlord. You should always understand and be satisfied with everything in the lease before you sign it.

Terminating a Residential Tenancy 

We can advise you on your options and what steps to take if you are in dispute with your landlord regarding the termination of your residential tenancy. We  can provide advices on the validity of the termination notice, if notice periods have been satisfied and whether the reason provided for the termination of the tenancy is valid. 

commercial Property 

Landlord Legal Services

Aside from dealing with disputes, we also offer a wide range of tenant legal services which include:

  • Advice on leases and licences
  • Lease renewal and surrenders
  • Dilapidations and disrepair claims
  • Lease renewal rights 

We offer competitive fixed fees so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your commercial property law issues.

Why Choose Roe Solicitors

No matter what the issue, we have experience in numerous kinds of landlord and tenant disputes and will do everything we can to resolve a dispute as quickly as possible. We have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in relation to commercial and residential property law in Ireland. We provide a bespoke high quality professional service and we take the time to listen to our clients. We are upfront on costs and expenses and we will, at all times, be open and honest in progressing your matter. 

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